Hi, I’m the contractor, Dan Murray. Being raised in Cincinnati with a father who owned a construction company birthed my passion for concrete, dirt work, and running equipment. Laboring and supervising in almost all aspects of residential construction have provided me with a broad exposure to working in both the field and office operations of a construction company.

My wife and I have a multigenerational mindset for our family that has given us a dream of one day building a family home alongside our family and friends. Seeing the value in legacy and passing on things that last and that are rooted in things bigger than ourselves has spurred a passion in me for building better. When I held a supervisor role for a primarily exterior construction company, I saw too often concrete, poor drainage, retaining walls, etc., that had shortened life spans or were aesthetically unpleasing caused by poor installation methods and lack of passion for the trade. Sadly, the result is that homeowners–whose homes are only 2-5 years old–have huge unexpected expenses with repairing their concrete driveway or having to regrade their yard because it was causing water issues. I realized that what I was experiencing didn’t align with the multigenerational mindset that my wife and I have, and I started educating myself on how to build better.

I learned that for a small price percentage increase in quality materials, adding additional reinforcement, and proper installation of any product outside can make a big impact on any exterior project. This mindset goes into every exterior job that Superior Concrete and Excavation is a part of. Just as the quality of the material being installed is important, we view the installer’s craftsmanship as important, too (and maybe even more important).

At Superior Concrete and Excavation, we invest in our employees’ and finishers’ education, training, character, and spiritual growth by working alongside them. Creating an environment that promotes prideful craftsmanship to build long-lasting, reliable work for generations to come.This is the value that Superior Concrete and Excavation is providing to you, our customer.

This is the value that Superior Concrete and Excavation is providing to you, our customer.

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