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Hiring a contractor for Cincinnati pool removal and demolition doesn’t have to be difficult. At Superior Concrete & Excavation, we offer comprehensive pool removal services to make it easier for you to get rid of your unwanted pool quickly.
The first step is pool demolition, which is where we break up the concrete and get it ready for swimming pool removal. Overall, our pool removal services are an excellent option for those who need to get rid of an old pool.
We’re happy to answer your questions when you call, but we often recommend that you contact us primarily for an in-person consultation. This will help us determine the method of pool demolition and pool removal. Overall, cost-effectiveness and safety are crucial. Please call 513.600.3040 or use the contact form to get in touch with contractors who are there for you when you need them.
in ground pool demolition and removal project in Cincinnati Ohio

Benefits of Removing a Ground Pool

There are many reasons for pool removal, and our Cincinnati contractors are here to assist. If you’re not sure about this option, it’s important to look at the benefits of pool removal that you may not have considered:
Pool removal offers various benefits. However, the job must be done by a qualified professional, and we can assist!

The Process for Our Swimming Pool Removal Services

The first step of unwanted pool removal in Cincinnati, Ohio, focuses on us arriving at your location to give you an estimate. We’ll focus on the safety issues and options for removing that pool. In fact, our goal is to do things correctly to avoid damage to your decks and property.
With a complete pool removal, we must remove as much of the pool as possible. This includes demolition, disposal of debris, and much more.
Generally, with a partial removal, we can remove the upper part of the pool’s structure and cave in the remaining parts. This is less expensive, and once your yard is back to normal, you can plant trees or install landscaping features and structures to beautify the space.
Regardless of the method you choose, we will drain the pool water by drilling into the foundation. Then, we’ll fill in that open space with soil and gravel, making sure it’s compacted. This will ensure you’ve got a stable surface for other needs.

Our Recent Cincinnati Pool Removal Projects

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Pools are structures that fill with water and allow homeowners and guests to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. However, you may decide that you no longer want your old pool because of the equipment maintenance and more expensive homeowners insurance.
Overall, it’s your property, and you have the right to do what you want with it. In fact, some people build decks around the pool to make it look better and be easier to contain. Then, they decide they no longer need it, and that’s where we come in!
Our business focuses on helping those in the greater Cincinnati area, which includes West Chester. If you require pool removal, it’s important to realize that it’s a large project. You shouldn’t do it alone, and we are here to assist.
In fact, our pool demolition contractors will offer exceptional service and listen to your needs. We only employ trained and licensed professionals to assist with the job. Likewise, we have many years of experience in removing swimming pools and know what steps to take to get the right permits and demolish the pool safely.
Your Cincinnati yard can look just as good or better than it did before the pool was installed. Request a free quote today!
Everything starts with calling our team. We’re waiting to handle your project and remove the stress of owning a pool. Once we come to your home, you’ll feel confident in the work we do.
Are you ready to eliminate the worry and fear you have about owning a swimming pool? Superior Concrete & Excavation has the expertise you require. We specialize in pool removal and guarantee a great job. Please call 513.600.3040 or complete the online form to request your free quote today!
Cincinnati Pool Removal Demolition

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