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Superior Concrete & Excavation has all the proper equipment, knowledge, and insurance for you to trust to get your next demo job done in a safe timely manner. Our expertise includes:

Let Superior Concrete & Excavation assist you in your next excavation and grading project. We will complete the project with minimum harm to the surround areas with use of ground mats and experience!

  • Trenching for utilities or below ground gutter drainage systems Proper grading is extremely important to manage bulk water. Knowing how to divert the water from important things such as homes, detached garages, and pools is where experience and education helps to figure out the best solutions for each unique situation. You can either move the water above grade by proper slope or capture the water and divert using drainage system. The goal is to prevent standing water causing unfavorable swampy areas or sometimes even worse erosion.
  • Trenching for utilities or below ground gutter drainage systems.
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Recent Demolition Job

Do you have an excavation construction project in mind? Superior Concrete and Excavation includes services for all the examples listed below and more.

Road building

  • New gravel for your existing driveway or creating a new parking pad
  • Installing a covert pipe for bulk water to run under your drive


  • One stop shop for excavation and concrete for your new foundation

Retaining walls

  • Specializing in large precast concrete retaining walls

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